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Some cities have grown up and flourished in and around fault lines, resulting in places that often fall victim to earthquakes. Springing from this natural phenomenon, earthquake insurance has emerged as a way to protect people’s homes and belongings in the event of a major catastrophe. Because they are relatively impossible to predict, earthquakes prove to be one of the most devastating disasters, making coverage all the more important.

When you purchase earthquake insurance, you purchase a policy for about a year that covers up to a certain amount. This amount should safely cover all of your belongings should they be destroyed. For that year, your home and valuables are protected, and you will receive a reimbursement for damage that exceeds the deductible. It should be noted that it may not be available again for a period immediately following the earthquake. Some policies require the home to undergo an inspection. It must also adhere to certain requirements, like being bolted to the foundation. These requirements are in place to make sure your home is prepared to withstand an earthquake with relatively minor damage.

The main policy offered for earthquakes features dwelling coverage, personal property coverage and additional living expenses should you be forced to evacuate. There is even an option to upgrade this. While this is the most often purchased, there are also stand-alone policies available. This gives you the option to purchase protection without purchasing the homeowners insurance that usually comes in a bundle deal with it. None cover fire, land damage, vehicle damage or flood damage.

Unlike hurricanes, you can’t see earthquakes coming. They simply happen when they happen with relatively little warning. Luckily, most buildings are built to code and can withstand the smaller ones that occur regularly. Should a big one happen, however, and destroy your home and your valuables, the insurance policy will cover those expenses on top of paying for any hotel bills should you need to wait for repairs on your home to finish. Just be sure to read the policy before signing so you know that it protects what is most important to you.

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