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Companies that utilize cars, trucks or vans as part of their business operations need to have good commercial auto insurance. This kind of coverage is for vehicles employed by business owners and worker in the management of business. Commercial insurance for autos safeguards the business person against liability as a result of some covered peril in using any one of the company’s insured vehicles. This insurance is tailor made for small business in which a smaller number of vehicles are used and, also, for larger concerns with big fleets of vehicles. The coverage remains essentially the same, but can always be available with a range of different options depending on company needs. Liability insurance is the basic and most common form of coverage, but for even greater financial security, full coverage can provide far greater peace of mind in regards to the protections extended.

Types of Coverage

Commercial insurance that is fully inclusive in its protections will include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage as part of the package. All employee drivers will need liability coverage in order to protect the business from all kinds of potentially destructive legal ramifications. This plan component will normally include personal injury as well as property protection coverage. It also extends help when a driver is involved in an accident with under-insured or uninsured motorists. Protections are extended to truck cargo and medical costs as well. So as to ensure that a company enjoys the full range of benefits from commercial coverage, there is collision protection, which handles your damages, regardless of fault, and comprehensive coverage, which pays out for costs resulting from fire, theft, or vandalism; these extra protections are highly recommended for business owners. Some commercial insurance for auto policies will have components that provide protection for any lost inventory due to a covered incident. Speak with an insurance professional to assist you in deciding what is the best policy for your business needs.


Those with small businesses, which are operated out of their private residences may erroneously believe that their standard car policy will be enough. This is very much wrong thinking. Many auto insurance companies will cut off coverage if a vehicle is utilized for business with a traditional policy. It’s important to specifically purchase commercial insurance for vehicles to ensure you have the proper coverage. There is a myriad of extra coverage that can be had with commercial auto plans that can provide many additional benefits for business. These supplemental add-ons are available for an additional expense, but give sometimes very needed additional protection.

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