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It is a great idea for renters to look into the protections available with good renter’s insurance protection. It is important to realize that a landlord’s own policy will not protect tenants in the cases of theft, flooding, or fire in their own units. While a landlord will most likely have his or her own insurance coverage, a landlord’s insurance policy will only provide compensation for the landlord’s personally owned items and the structure of his or her building. It will hardly ever provide protection for the renter’s personal items. Renters insurance is a cost-effective choice for protecting personal items and extending valuable liability protection for the renter, should something unexpected and loss-inducing occur.

What is it?

A good renter’s insurance policy extends coverage for tenants residing in rental apartments, condos, town homes and single-family homes and covers things such as clothing and appliances to electronic items and furniture and so on. Under renters’ coverage, your personal belongings will be protected against fire, theft, vandalism, and even some forms of loss due to water.
This kind of a policy also can provide coverage for accidental damage a person may sustain on your property and can give you liability protection should you be sued. With appropriate renter’s coverage, you will be protected if, for instance, water floods the kitchen floor and damages other units or if a person is injured in your apartment and sues, or if a burglar steals your personal items.
Good renter’s policy coverage will even pay out for living accommodations elsewhere while covered damages to your unit are being handled.

Renter Coverage Levels

One’s entire collection of personal belongings are likely more valuable than many renters might think. The normal renter has between $20K and $30K worth of belongings and, notably, none of it falls under a landlord’s policy protections.
To obtain appropriate coverage, one is advised to write down an inventory of belongings. There are options from a “”replacement value”” policy that will pay for replacement items should a renter’s items be damaged. This is an alternative to “”fair market value”” of damaged or stolen items, for which one is compensated at a lower rate.


Renter policies are surprisingly affordable, but providers make available a myriad of ways to save even more: Multi-policy discounts; Home security discounts; Retiree discounts; Claim-free discounts, etc. A renter can obtain protections potentially worth multiple thousands of dollars if he or she buys coverage that can cost only a buck so a day. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your personal property vulnerable to damages or theft, get in touch with an insurance professional today for a quote that can result in a renter’s insurance policy that will provide for one’s needs for his or her rental home.

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