Flood Insurance

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Good flood insurance is engineered to financially protect property owners from water that damages both covered structures and homeowner belongings on the property. This insurance coverage can be obtained from several insurance agencies but is under government regulation. Usually, this results in a pretty uniform cost for similar policies regardless of where purchased.
The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created to provide coverage to those who live in designated flood zones and is overseen by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Note that there are insurance providers who also provide additional coverage beyond this basic protection to help fill in any gaps in coverage.

Kinds of Coverage

Policies are made available for homes and business properties. Homes that are financed by government-sponsored lenders are required to carry this coverage in the aforementioned special flood zones. Renters can also obtain coverage for their personal property too.
There are basically three kinds of coverage offered:

Replacement Cost

This protection pays out for the expense of replacing a damaged home.

Personal Property

This coverage financially safeguards the items that one has inside the home. Items protected can include furniture, appliances, clothing, fixtures and more.

Building Protection

This protects the actual structure of a commercial property or home. The foundation, walls, attached staircases, etc., are all safeguarded.


Insurance for floods can save big out-of-pocket costs on the remodeling or rebuilding of structures. If water damages personal possessions, they are also protected. Flood insurance can provide great peace of mind in knowing one and his or her loved ones are financially protected.

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